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Client Press Roundup: “Only in HelLA”

With over 1,000,000 views between YouTube and Funny or Die, Rory Uphold’s series “Only in HelLA” is a certified hit, with tons of love from mainstream, local, and new media press outlets.  We couldn’t be prouder to have “Only in HelLA” as our flagship PR client.  Congrats also to our consulting clients Try This Instead and The United Colors of Amani, which have been covered by The Huffington Post, Indie Wire, Buzzfeed, The Jane Dough, Tangled Web We Watch, Clutch, Afropunk, Wisecrack Zine and more!  If you need help promoting your upcoming web series click here to contact Go Team Entertainment.


The Huffington Post:  “Quite Possibly One of the Worst Things about Life in LA”

Racked LA:  “New Web Series Captures LA’s Many Awkward Moments”

Crave Online:  “5 Funny Episodes of Only in HelLA”

xoJane:  “How My Viral Video Forced Me to Confront Misogyny”

Right This Minute:  [VIDEO FEATURE] “Shopping Next to a Supermodel Will Kill your Self Esteem”

New Media Rockstars:  [INTERVIEW] “Rory Uphold Makes Youtube Series “Life in HelLA” A Funny, Savage Ode to Her City”

The Huffington Post Comedy:  “This Type of ‘Friend’ is Just the Worst”

Snobby Robot: [INTERVIEW] “Life is Pure Hell in this City — But it’s Hella Funny!”

Ms. in the Biz:  [INTERVIEW] “Spotlight Interview”

The Huffington Post:  [INTERVIEW] “An Ex-New Yorker Talks to a Native Angeleno About Only in HelLA”

The Beach Reporter:  [INTERVIEW] “Love and hate in L.A.:  Beach cities native, Rory Uphold, explores living in Los Angeles”

Easy Reader News:  [INTERVIEW] Hermosa Beach Local’s Only in HelLA Love/Hate Video Ode to LA Goes Viral”

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